Individual Sessions:

Through a comprehensive, whole person approach, Four Directions Wellness partners with you on a personalized journey.

Your journey explores body, mind, emotions, and spirit to seek a deeper sense of awareness and wellness. The techniques used may include: mindfulness, guided imagery, Reiki, Integrative Reflexology, Qigong, coaching and soul exploration. You may chose a specific healing modality or explore a combination of techniques through life, health or spiritual coaching.

Four Directions Wellness is affiliated with the GW Center for Integrative Medicine.   Four Directions Wellness individual sessions are a compliment to your current healthcare providers and practitioners. The sessions should not be considered a substitution for your medical care.

Individual sessions are offered in person at Four Directions Wellness. Some of the sessions may be available via phone or Skype, if noted below.

Four Directions Wellness offers discounted package deals. Please visit those offerings at the bottom of this page.

60 minutes

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that promotes homeostasis and supports the balancing of a person’s innate healing energies. It is a non-invasive therapy and occurs when the Reiki practitioner places their hands in a sequence on or near the body.

Reiki is an excellent compliment to any healthcare condition a person is experiencing. Reiki has been shown to promote a person’s own natural healing process. Clients report that they feel deep relaxation, reduction in pain, signs or symptoms of a disease, and harmony or balance following a Reiki session.

Reiki is also an excellent compliment to any medical treatment that a person is undergoing. Reiki may be used to promote wellness, with all chronic conditions or used pre or post surgery.

Reiki sessions are available via phone or Skype.

Integrative Reflexology
60 minutes

Reflexology has been used in various cultures and with various names for centuries. Integrative Reflexology is based on meridians, acupressure points, zone pathways and proprioceptors. Similar to Reiki, Integrative Reflexology is a healing modality that is known to promote homeostasis with the body, initiating a person’s innate healing energy. It is a non-invasive therapy and has the practitioner working mainly on the person’s feet, although hands and ears may also be addressed. All three of these areas hold acupressure points tied to specific human organs and key areas of our bodies.

Research has shown the efficacy of reflexology as a compliment to the treatment of many medical conditions. It promotes wellness, disease and is instrumental in supporting health for both acute and chronic illnesses. Please note there are some restrictions. If you are pregnant or suffer from a serious chronic illness, please speak with the practitioner prior to scheduling your appointment.

Integrative Reflexology sessions require an in-person session. The session is not available by phone or Skype.

Yogic Chakra Healing
60 minutes

If you practice yoga, then you are aware of the energetic centers located within our bodies known as “chakras.” Chakras are tied to specific organs and key areas of the body. This session assesses the chakras and identifies blockages to help alleviate those areas. Through this work, homeostasis and balance are brought back into the body allowing for improved health and wellness.

Yogic Chakra Healing promotes wellness and combats disease within the body. The session works to clear and support the body’s innate healing capabilities. The sessions are helpful to provide preventative care, reduce symptoms related to chronic or acute illnesses, and can be useful prior to any surgery. Sessions also help to build inner awareness and peace.

Yogic Chakra Healing sessions are available via phone or Skype.

Meditation/Guided Imagery
60 minutes

Meditation and guided imagery is well known for its ability to reduce stress and provide deep relaxation. But did you know that meditation and guided imagery has also been used for centuries for healing purposes? The Greeks, Romans and later Tibetan monks have used the technique for the purposes of healing treatments. Today, it is widely utilized both within and without the medical model.

Meditation and guided imagery may be used solely for relaxation and to reduce stress. The healing modality is also instrumental when working with an acute or chronic illness. This technique is helpful too when undergoing life transitions or when seeking answers to life’s challenges.

The sessions are offered via phone or Skype.

Life Coaching
60 minutes

Life certainly has its ups and downs. Life can be made easier when you work in partnership to explore those ups and downs and gain new insights. If you are undergoing a time of change in a relationship, career, loss of a loved one or are just stuck in life’s doldrums, then Life Coaching is for you.

Let’s start today to open to a new and more joyful life experience. Each life coaching session follows your lead and will be in partnership with Mara. To move past obstacles and thought processes limiting your current life scenario, a combination of body, mind, emotion and spiritual techniques may be offered. The sessions offer dedicated time to consider those questions or issues impacting your life and consider options to achieve better overall life circumstances.

Life coaching sessions are available via phone or Skype.

Health Coaching
60 minutes

Chronic illnesses, acute pain, cancer, depression, anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed are all times when health coaching may be beneficial. It’s certainly not limited to just those areas. For healthy and fit aging, there comes a moment in our lives when we need to focus on self-care and healthy habits.

Mara has spent over 30 years in healthcare and more specifically in the area of healthy aging. Join her in exploring the messages that your body is sending you and working through the obstacles presented by health concerns. Step by step you can begin to see make healthy changes and more importantly, interpret the messages of your body.

Spiritual Coaching
60 minutes

Do you have a longing? Are you seeking your life’s purpose? Are you seeking ways to connect with something larger than yourself? Spiritual coaching is about identifying that inner source as you wish to define it and then being able to hear those inner messages.

Mara is ordained in interfaith/interspiritual studies and believes that each person holds the wisdom within themselves to find peace, balance and connection. Join Mara in spiritual coaching to find your True North and begin your inner journey. Mara works with each person to identify potential techniques that will help with the inner exploration. Those may include: meditation; guided imagery, Reiki, Integrative Reflexology; journaling; dreams; vision boards and other avenues to build that strong foundation.

True NORTH Session Packages

We offer packages of 3, 6, 9, and 12
60 minute Sessions


Four Directions Wellness is about connecting body, mind, emotions and spirit. If you are interested in a package that does just that, then the True NORTH package is for you.

  • Navigates your inner world of mind, body and spirit;
  • Opens you to your innate healing and inner messages;
  • Recognizes and integrates the connectedness between your body, mind, emotions and spirit;
  • Transforms the way you see your world; and
  • Heads you towards your personal TRUE NORTH.

Package scheduling and pricing is available on the “Schedule Your Session” page. Please select “View Session packages & Gift Certificates” in the top left corner, just under “Choose Appointment”.

Healthy and Fit Aging Packages

We offer packages of 3, 6, 9, and 12
60 minute sessions

This special package provides greater flexibility to receive various 60 minute sessions for your optimal health and wholeness.  The special packages allow the flexibility to offer the best option for your session.  The session may include:  meditation, guided imagery, Reiki, Integrative Reflexology, chakra healing, coaching and other healing modalities.  Package scheduling and pricing is available on the “Schedule Your Session” page. Please select “View Session Packages & Gift Certificates” in the top left corner, just under “Choose Appointment.”